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Do you have questions about special education services in Montgomery County?
  • Perhaps you are looking for a diagnosis or you're starting the IEP process?
  • Maybe you are looking for private tutors or therapists in our community?
  • Or you're starting the college search for your teen with learning disabilities?

For these questions and many more, reach out to our LDAMC Helpline! One of our volunteers will respond to your question. There are three ways you may reach us:
  • Call 301-933-1076 and leave a message.
  • Send an email to ldamc@ldamc.org
  • Join our Yahoo! listserv (LDAMC-Helpline) and post your question to our entire community. Our listserv is also an excellent resource for learning about upcoming local events.

Instructions for joining the LDAMC-Helpling Yahoo! Group listserv:
  1. Go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LDAMC-Helpline/info
  2. Click Join Group
  3. Login into your Yahoo! account (or create one)
  4. Send request, and we will review and approve within one business day. Please provide details for us to consider your request
  5. If you have any difficulty, please contact ldamc@ldamc.org

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